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Author Topic: Character RP - Supply Stockpile  (Read 1002 times)


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Character RP - Supply Stockpile
« on: October 28, 2018, 05:46:25 AM »

NOTE: This is only to be edited by Cipher. Anyone who makes an unauthorized change to this post will be punished.

Items on this list may be used by all characters, and is considered separate from each character's inventory, including ammunition.

-1 M988 HMWWV (w/M60 GPMG Mounted)

-Mix of Rations, enough for 2 Weeks
-Basic Tool Box (1 Flathead Screwdriver, 1 Philips Screwdriver, 1 set of SAE wrenches, 1 set of Metric wrenches, 1 Pliers, 1 Needle Nose Pliers/Wire Cutters, 1 set of SAE hex wrenches, 1 set of Metric hex wrenches, 1 roll of duct tape, 1 can of WD40).
-1 AN/PRC-77 Radio (5km Range Battery/25km Range Vehicle Battery Powered)
-4 AN/PRC-66 Personal Radios (2km Range)
-2 Binoculars
-1 Chemical Sniffer
-2 Geiger Counters
-2 Large Tents (2-4 Persons)
-1 Set of Camping Cookware (Blue enamel finished set of pots, pans, plus tools like spatulas, tongs and so forth. Also includes camping coffee pot)
-1 Set of Camping Dishes (Blue enamel finished plates, bowls, plus matching spoons, forks and knives)

1 M9 (9x19mm, 2 Magazines (15 rounds)) - Properly marked as a US Military issued M9 but has obviously seen plenty of use, though it is maintained to be functional.
1 M1911A1 (.45 ACP, 3 Magazines (7 Rounds)) - A 1911A1 made by Springfield Armory, likely their most basic model of fairly recent manufacture.
1 P7M13 (9x19mm, 1 Magazine (13 rounds)) - Compact H&K made pistol for use by the Mexican Army, well worn but functional.
1 Buck Mark Standard (.22LR, 4 Magazines (10 Rounds)) - A .22 target pistol, probably from someone's private collection, great for target practice, small game, or making into an ad-hoc silent pistol.

2 HM-3 (9x19mm, 5 Magazines (32 rounds)) - Mexican-made submachine gun, recent model with polymer hand guards and reinforced side-folding stock.
1 Uzi (9x19mm, 2 Magazines (32 rounds)) - Full-size variant with folding stock.

-Assault Rifles:
1 M16-EZ (5.56mm, 3 Magazines (20 rounds)) - Good condition M16EZ, restored with wood furniture, a 4x scope has been fitted to the carrying handle but in such a way the iron sights are still useable.
1 G3A3 (7.62mm NATO, 1 Magazine (20 rounds)) - Mexican-made licenced copy of the G3 battle rifle, has obviously seen action before but properly maintained otherwise.
1 AC-556 (5.56mm, 3 Magazines (30 rounds)) - Well known to fans of the "A-Team", short barrel and folding stock cousin to the Mini-14, capable of full-auto fire.
1 HK33 (5.56mm, 1 Magazine (30 rounds)) - Mexican Army-issue rifle, seen action but properly maintained.

-Machine Guns
1 HK21 (7.62mm NATO, 100 round belt feed) - Mexican Army issue GPMG, appears to have been restored from several different models but functional.
1 M60 (7.62mm NATO, 100 round belt feed) - Older model M60, likely National Guard stock, well maintained. (CURRENTLY MOUNTED ON GPMG MOUNT ON M988 HMWWV)

1 M500 Cruiser (12 Gauge, 6 Shot Capacity) - Shotgun fitted with a polymer pistol grip and pump, also modified with a breaching muzzle, probably from someone's private collection.
1 11-87P (12 Gauge, 8 Shot Capacity) - Semi-auto shotgun with polymer furniture, the markings suggest this may have originally been issued to a local police force.
1 Double Barrel "Coach Gun" (12 Gauge, 2 Shot Capacity) - Double barrel side-by-side, configured like a classic "coach gun" with a full stock but shortened barrel length, simple wood furniture and black metal finish.

-Other Rifles:
-1 1895 New Model (.45-70 Gov't, 6 Shot Capacity) - Lever action rifle in wood with stainless steel metal finish, with a caliber ideal for dealing with large game or particularly stubborn opponents.
-1 10/22 (.22 LR, 4 Magazines (10 Rounds)) - A simple semi-automatic .22 rifle, more suited for hunting small game or target practice.

1800 Rounds 7.62x51mm NATO (3 Boxes)
3360 Rounds 5.56x45mm NATO (4 Boxes)
1500 Rounds 9x19mm NATO (1 Box)
120 Rounds 7.62x39mm Soviet (3 Magazines)
100 Rounds .22LR (1 Commercial Box)
80 Rounds, 12 Gauge (8 Commercial Boxes)
25 Rounds, .45-70 Government (1 Commercial Box)

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