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Author Topic: Wheel of Time RP 2023  (Read 89 times)


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Wheel of Time RP 2023
« on: December 26, 2023, 03:31:36 AM »

I have updated my character, Maerin Stormcrest to be a little more true to the naming convention, and to be a little less vague and more lore-friendly than he was previously.

I am excited to get some RP going! If anybody feels like we need a certain minimum number of people to get it going (higher than 2), than I would be more than happy to prove everybody wrong in the happiest and most positive way possible! :D

This is the same character, we just might have to retcon his name and a few scant details in his backstory and heritage. But I did put extra work into explaining how his exotic heritage is feasible, even if unusual.

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